Welcome to the International Case Competition@Maastricht (ICC@M)!

The challenge for the 16 competing undergraduate business student teams is to address selected business cases and to present their solutions and recommendations to judging panels consisting of academics and business executives. During the ICC@M week these teams will be addressing challenging international all-round business cases in a true crossing borders European environment. And several corporate and social events are organised to engage business partners, SBE-students, alumni and staff in this great event. ICC@M therefore provides ample opportunities for SBE and UM staff and students to be involved in value exchange with external stakeholders.

Competition Rules 2019

ICC@M aims to provide a learning environment for its participants. In order for the case competition to be successful, a set of rules and regulations must be adhered to by all teams as well as their advisors. Fair play is an essential criterion in the case competition. All participants are expected to treat each other with respect and to adhere to the competition rules. If the rules are unclear, then please consult the Academic Director of ICC@M.

Day 6: Finals 2018!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the International Case Competition @ Maastricht 2018 is the team from the University of British Columbia- UBC!

It was a tough competition and all competing teams deserve a huge round of applause. Thanks to everyone who was part of ICC@M2018 and contributed to making it such a success!

Click here to watch the finals.


Day 5: 24-Hour Case & Advisors' Day

While the participating teams were preparing the 24-hour case in the hotel, their advisors used the free time to discover Maastricht. Big thanks to Swapfiets for providing us with their bikes to show them beautiful Maastricht the Dutch way. We had a blast! 

After the bike tour, everyone tried and enjoyed some typical Dutch food. Finally, to wrap up the day, we ended the day with a wine tasting and a cozy dinner at the Harbour Club! 

Some impressions...


Day 4: Second 3-Hour Case is up!

Today, teams competed to see who could provide the best strategy to Gemeente Maastricht. The case was about the Customer Service Valley: a collaboration of several companies with the municipality of Maastricht to enhance customer service centers and their image, to develop employment opportunities in customer services and to position Maastricht as the customer serves hub.

Great job to all participants and congratulations to KIT Consulting, Alpha Consulting, TGIS Consulting, and Sapphire Consulting for winning case 2! 


Day 2: Social Monday

Despite changing weather conditions, we went on an exciting scavenger hunt throughout Maastricht! A big thanks to Maastricht Events Company for the smooth organization as well as to all participants for their non-stop enthusiasm!

We hope you have enjoyed the Social Monday and are ready to tackle the first case tomorrow!



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Special thanks to our business partners and corporate relations

The organising committee would like to express its gratitude to all business partners; their involvement helped facilitating the International Case Competition @ Maastricht (ICC@M).

Due to the collaboration with our corporate relations a successful seventh anniversary edition of this great event has been established. ICC@M looks forward to future years during which these relations can be strengthened and extended.