Weighting of rounds 2019

Weighting of Cases in Divisional Scores

• All teams are awarded 10 points at the beginning of each round
• Judges will rank the teams from 1 to 4 according to their evaluation criteria
• The position in the ranking of each round will be deducted from this 10 points
• The result will be multiplied by the respective weight of each round
• The teams passing to the finals will have the highest overall score after the three preliminairy rounds
• In case of the unlikely mathematical tie, the results of Round 3 will split the tie.


Example of Divisional Scores

Below you find the potential results after the 3 rounds. The team ranking first after Round 1 has obtained 1.8 credits. In case this team also ranks first in Round 2 then the accumulated credits of this team are 1.8 + 1.8 = 3.6. In case this team also ranks first in Round 3 then the accumulated credits are 1.8 + 1.8 + 5.4 = 9


Example Calculation